Category 1
100% PL - gr/m2 350
Greige 1SA2
Light 1SA3
Brown 1SA4
Brown 1SA6
Green 1SA7
Blue 1SA8
Blue 1SB0
Grey 1SB1
Grey 1SB2
Category 1
100% PL - gr/m2 330
Light S8D
Greige S8E
Grey S8F
Grey S8G
Grey S8H
Yellow S8J
Brown S8K
Pink S8L
Pink S8M
Blue S8N
Category 2
70% PL - 30% VI - gr/m2 393
Light S5V
Greige S5W
Brown S5X
Grey S5Z
Grey S5Y
Blue S6A
Pink S6B
Green S6C
Category 2
100% PL - gr/m2 410
Light S9F
Greige S9G
Grey S9H
Grey S9J
Blue S9K
Green S9L
Yellow S9M
Yellow S9N
Category 3
50% PU - 50% PL - gr/m2 800
Light S7J
Greige S7K
Brown S7L
Grey S7M
Yellow S7N
Red S7P
Green S7R
Blue S7Q
Category 3
100% PL - gr/m2 497
Light S6V
Greige S6W
Brown S6X
Grey S6Y
Blue S6Z
Red S7A
Green S7B
Blue S7C
Category 3
79% PL - 16%CO - 5%PC - gr/m2 442
Grey SQ1
Brown SQ2
Greige SQ3
Grey SQ4
Light SQ5
Blue SQ6
Red SQ7
Yellow SQ8
Category 3
100% PL - gr/m2 500
Light S7S
Greige S7T
Brown S7U
Grey S7V
Grey S7W
Pink S7X
Greige S7Y
Blue S7Z
Category 3LX
92% PL - 5% CO - 3% LA - gr/m2 500
Greige SS9
Brown ST0
Pink ST1
Red ST2
Green ST3
Blue ST4
Grey ST5
Light ST6
Yellow ST7
Blue S5E
Pink S5F
Yellow S5G
Green S5H
Category 3LX
54% PC - 46% PL - gr/m2 440
Greige S8P
Light S8Q
Brown S8R
Grey S8S
Blue S8T
Green S8U
Red S8V
Category 3LX
75% CO - 25% PL - gr/m2 513
Beige SQZ
Light Grey SRA
Brown SRB
Anthracite Grey SRC
Green SRD
Yellow SRE
Orange SRF
Category 3LX
75% PL Recycled - 25% PL - gr/m2 335
Light S8W
Grey S8X
Brown S8Y
Yellow S8Z
Yellow S9A
Pink S9B
Blue S9C
Green S9D
Blue S9E
Category 4LX
37% PL - 21% PC - 19% VI - 14% CO - 8% LI - 1% PA - gr/m2 522
Hemp SLV
Anthracite Grey SLW
Taupe SLX
Brick Red SSQ
Category 4LX
47% PC - 22% PL - 11% VI - 20% CO - gr/m2 714
Cream SQM
Beige SQN
Brown SQP
Light Grey SQQ
Taupe SQR
Anthracite Grey SQS
Burgundy SQT
Blue SQU
Category 5LX
40% VI - 35%CO - 25% PC- gr/m2 600
Greige ST8
Light ST9
Brown SU0
Yellow SU1
Grey SU2
Green SU3
Blue SU4
Pink SU5
Category 5LX
57% PC - 37% PL - 6% VI - gr/m2 657
Light S2B
Greige S2C
Brown S2D
Grey S2E
Blue S2F
Blue S2G
Red S2H
Pink S2J
Yellow S2K
Green S2L
Category 5LX
87% PL - 13% LI - gr/m2 436
Light S5J
Greige S5K
Brown S5L
Grey S5M
Blue S5N
Blue S5P
Red S5Q
Pink S5R
Yellow S5S
Green S5T
Green S5U
Category 3
60% CO - 40% PL - gr/m2 382 (only available on lounge chairs and MUFFIN and SOAP ottomans)
Decoration Grey SQ6
Category 4LX
45% PL - 35% PC - 20% WO - gr/m2 436 (only available on decorative pillows)
Grey S7G
Grey S7H
Category 4LX
100% PL - gr/m2 385 (only available on decorative pillows, lounge chairs and ottomans)
Pink S7E
Category 5LX
43% CO - 31%VI - 26% LI - gr/m2 628 (only available on decorative pillows)
Decoration Greige SR6
Decoration Grey SR7
Decoration Blue SR8
Decoration Pink SR9
Category 5LX
56% CO - 44% VI -gr/m2 605 (only available on lounge chairs and MUFFIN and SOAP ottomans)
Decoration Greige SR0
Decoration Pink SR1
Decoration Red SR2
Decoration Green SR3
Decoration Blue SR4
Decoration Grey SR5
Category 5LX
36% CO - 32% PL - 26% PC - 6% VI gr/m2 643 (only available on lounge chairs and MUFFIN and SOAP ottomans)
Category 5LX
51% JU - 49% LI (only available on decorative pillows)
Decoration Green S6R
Decoration Grey S6S
Decoration Pink S6T
Decoration Brown S6U